Client Testimonials

Whippet and Beagle

I always have flowers on her collar! It’s so cute. I ha e 4 grown sons so she’s my girly girl heheSuzie

so darn cute!Karen

Thanks again. It looks awesome. Esther

Perfect, thanks again for your time, keeping our fur baby warmAngela

Savvy, a Newfoundlander, has her soft bed thanks to her Mom – Mom says it is the first bed that has fit her.
Looking Sassy Rosie. Suits you. Like it!

What a handsome young man all dressed up in his winter coat – thanksDianne

Rosie looked soooo adorable in her two dresses! Thank you for having her model!Suzzie

Omg such an awesome idea – love the removable hood Joan

Awhhhh looking good Miss Beans. Thanks to D and C Boutique. A great place to get your own little special outfit made for your furever baby….regardless of size. Hope to get another couple of dresses for our Beanie. Thank You Nancy

Sid looks very nice,
it looks great on him. Fitting perfect.

This little lady loves her new coat. Thanks Joe for the picture.

You did a beautiful job on them and I give you 5 stars ***** !!!!Tammie

Great idea and practical. Is that a pocket going along the bottom there. I like the edging as well. I am sure you could do some funky prints as well if customer requested. Rosealee